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Strategic Business Plans

Working in Tandem with Leadership

Odysio has developed a systematic approach to help you achieve your business goals. Rather than "hawking" self-serving computer packages, we work directly with your senior leaders to determine the proper I.T. systems necessary to carry out your most effective strategic business plan.
Additionally, we will advise your team in optimizing your system's capabilities. We will also coordinate with outside software vendors to make sure the whole system is integrated seamlessly.
You won't find untried novices at Odysio. Our senior executives understand the path you are on and will help you streamline your IT approach to accelerate your business forward.


  • IT Executive Assessment

  • IT Roadmap

  • IT Budget

  • IT Policy Manuals

  • Internal IT Employee/External IT Vendor Management

  • Project Management


“After discussion of our business growth plan, Odysio provided us an
evaluation of our current situation and the recommendations to both the
IT systems and personnel management necessary to achieve our plans.
Our growth is now back on track!”

Your Fractional CIO Partner

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Odysio Case Study #1 - Managing 3rd Party "Provider"

Odysio first performed an executive assessment of our client's current computer network. In addition, reviewed a proposed network upgrade quote they had received from a third party "provider." We then provided our client with an executive assessment of both which included recommendations for short and long term. These recommendations identified major concerns with the existing network and avoided a potential catastrophe for our client's upgrade plans. Due to the results of the assessment our client determined their IT vendor was not looking out for their best interest and they did not possess the technical skills required. Odysio helped in identifying a new provider with a solution the company required and perform that work in a way our client could easily manage.

Case Study

Odysio Case Study #2 - 24/7 Needs Management

A manufacturer had requested assistance because many areas of their 24 x 7 manufacturing process were experiencing frequent outages and performance issues. Odysio worked with the client to identify a problematic area of the network (due to high heat and moisture) and a new location to
move the sensitive equipment to. We also provided an executive summary to explain why they were having the type (and frequency) of problems and short/long term solutions to those problems. This summary included drawings to help executives understand what currently existed and what was proposed, as well as a budget for the project. The client is planning to use this
information to implement the changes during their next fiscal year.

Case Study

Odysio Case Study #3 - Making Technical and Business Requirements Work Together

A client decided to move part of their computer network to “the cloud”. While they already employed a full time technical employee they didn't feel they understood virtualization and hosting services enough to make an informed decision. Odysio assisted by determining business requirements, educating the business executives on the major aspects of hosting solutions to make the most informed decisions. The software vendor was also involved in the process so their technical requirements were met and to minimize potential problems. An executive report was provided to our client that summarized recommendations for their equipment options, as well as comparisons between hosting companies. The client was able to feel much more confident in making the best decision for their company based on the simplified information.

Ready to experience real results to your bottom line?

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